About the Staff and Collection

      The Board of Trustees of the Sarah Hull Hallock Free Library provides equal employment opportunity for applicants and employees in every aspect of employment, and does not discriminate because of age, ancestry, color, disability, domicile, marital status, national origin, political preference, race, religion, gender or sexual preference. Employment opportunities are open to all qualified applicants based on experience, aptitude and ability. The same wage rate is paid to individuals for comparable work requiring comparable skills under comparable conditions.

      The Sarah Hull Hallock Free Library is staffed by a dedicated team of permanent part-time employees. The library adheres to all fair labor practices required by New York State, including minimum wage and sick leave. Staff members who work 20 hours or more per week also receive vacation time.

       All employees and board members must undergo Sexual Harassment Prevention training annually. In addition, the library board of trustees has approved several policies protecting the rights and safety of staff members.

Staff Members

Bettyann Diorio, Interim Director
Jane Canosa, Office Manager
Cindy Wright, Clerk
Jessica Cohen, Clerk